Presidency in the United States

Defining and getting a great president.

Trump Presidency Report Card

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Trump is a third of the way through his term.

How has he performed as president?

Pretty good.


Look at the 3 previous administrations:

—  clintons, spawn of the devil

—  bush, a big do nothing except for the Iraq invasion

—  u-bam-a, a foreign born islamic jihadist

How can Trump not be much better?

Then, there is the Democrats’ criminal conspiracy to damage the Republican party using the phony dossier of Russian interference in the election;  Russia was not involved in any way.

Congressional democrats’ only platform is to obstruct, obstruct, obstruct.

And every insider is acting up out of fear an outsider will disrupt their corrupt activities.

Yet, Trump is still making progress.

He is focusing and working on some major issues:

—  tax reform

—  prevention of terrorism and war

—  reduction of immigration

—  corruption in government, especially at the Justice Department and FBI

— other nations unfair trade practices

These are all major positives.

The negatives are connected:  he is not going far enough or hard enough.

He has made steps in the correct direction, but he needs to push harder and go further.

He has over two years to improve.

Trump as president is better than any other know future candidate.

For a better America, citizens should vote Republican in the coming elections.

The Democratic party has become the party of corruption.

Of course, NEW POLITICAL PARTY( would be much better.



The facts no one wants to read.

If the facts make you mad, it could be the truth hurts.


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