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The u-bam-a doctrine

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The u-bam-a doctrine is his foreign policy in the Middle East.

He has sought to disengage from the Middle East.

His doctrine is

—  the United States should leave these problems for others to resolve.

—  there is no clear paths to victory against potential threats.

—  the United States should not undertake containing them.

—  these problems will burn themselves out or unnamed others would, despite decades of history to the contrary, resolve them.

In the name of prudence and caution and a desire to avoid past errors, he has embraced a less-is-more foreign policy predicated on the idea that the world and America would be better off if the planet’s sole superpower were more reticent, less engaged, and more hesitant not just to use force but to leave it unclear whether we would use force or not.

Ideas crop up periodically in America that it can leave the business of the world to others and not pay a price.

How successful has the u-bam-a doctrine been?

Look at

—  the Middle East.

—  Western Asia.

—  Europe

You judge.



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Written by solutions777

October 2, 2015 at 8:43 PM

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