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hil-hor Guilty

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Federal law defines emails used during the course of one’s work for the federal government as the property of the federal government.

hil-hor admits deleting 30,000 government emails from her time in office.

Will she be indicted?

Consider this. In the past month, the Department of Justice indicted a young sailor who took a selfie in front of a sonar screen on a nuclear submarine and emailed the selfie to his girlfriend. It also indicted a Marine who sent an urgent warning to his superiors on his Gmail account about a dangerous Afghani spy who eventually killed three fellow Marines inside an American encampment. The emailing Marine was indicted for failure to secure classified materials. Gen. David Petraeus stored top-secret materials in an unlocked desk drawer in the study of his secured and guarded Virginia home and was indicted for the same crimes. And a former CIA agent was just sentenced to three years in prison for destroying one top-secret email.

What will happen if the FBI recommends that hil-hor be indicted and the White House stonewalls? Will FBI Director Jim Comey threaten to resign as he threatened to do when President George W. Bush wanted him to deviate from accepted professional standards? Will hil-hor get a pass? Will the public accept that?

This is a litmus test for u-bam-a?

If u-bam-a does not have hil-hor indicted and convicted, he is corrupt.

Everybody but democrat fanatics(same as islamic jihadists) knows hil-hor should be in jail.

Is the law the same for everybody or does the so-called elite get a pass?



The facts no one wants to read.

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Written by solutions777

August 21, 2015 at 7:29 PM

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