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Jihadist u-bam-a in Action

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u-bam-a says, “No Iran deal means  war.”

He is framing the congressional vote on lifting sanctions on Iran as either a vote for war or peace.

Some clarification

—  u-bam-a is not an American and hates the United States

—  u-bam-a is a muslim jhadist

—  the Iran deal would be a big win for terrorists

—  end of sanctions would enable Iran to increase funding for terrorist groups

—  Iran would continue to work on its nuclear capability

—  Iran is a rogue state

—  the Iran deal is appeasement; like the deal between Chamberlain and Hitler


How to vote:

Voting no on the deal means less death and destruction.

Voting yes on the deal means nuclear war.



The facts no one wants to read.

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Written by solutions777

August 5, 2015 at 3:43 PM

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