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Franklin Roosevelt Who Gave the World Stalin

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All the misery caused by Russia under Stalin was FDR’s fault.

During World War II, FDR agreed for Stalin/russia to take control of certain defeated Axis nations(Eastern Soviet Bloc nations).

This was the match that lit the fuse of Soviet occupation.

These countries are still suffering from the effects of Soviet tyranny.

For over 50 years, these countries were were slave states because of FDR.

During World War II, the American military commanders wanted to push on to Berlin.  FDR ordered them to let russian forces take Berlin.

These Soviet troops raped and slaughtered after taking the city.

Then there was the Lend-Lease program; the United States sent russia military supplies to fight Germany.

This program started before the United States entered the war.

Russia received these supplies for FREE.

Russia NEVER paid the United States for these supplies.

FDR agreed to give them the supplies.

Without these supplies, russian military might not have been able to occupy the Soviet bloc slave states.

All because of FDR.

The United States did not need russia to defeat Germany.

There was absolutely NO reason for the United States to agree for russia to enslave other nations.

Why did FDR agree to this?

Stupidity, incompetence, corruption or he was a communist?

Does not matter.

FDR unleashed evil upon the world.

FDR received way too much credit for America victory in World War II.

FDR was not the savior of America.

He was EVIL.



The facts no one wants to read.

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