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u-bam-a to Push 2015 Policy Agenda in Three-day Tour

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u-bam-a this week will unveil policy initiatives on housing, college affordability and job creation during a three-day road trip to highlight his 2015 agenda, the White House said.


After 6 years of complete failure, mr. incompetence is going to come up with solutions.

Not going to happen.

So, what is u-bam-a doing?

Propaganda, propaganda, propaganda.

The only people believing in u-bam-a are his hardcore fanatics and freeloaders.

Of course, the trip will be at government expense; more waste of taxpayers’ dollars.

Real Americans need to get the  courage to call him out for the corrupt incompetent he is.



Obama will seek to portray himself as more in touch with the concerns of ordinary Americans than Republicans, an administration official said.


The facts no one wants to read.

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