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u-bam-a Signs Symbolic Emissions Plan With China

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From Reuters Headline.

Why bother?


China abide by a treaty?

Even a symbolic one?

Ever seen the darkness at noon in Beijing?

To understand how enormous this is, you just have to fly into Beijing. From 5,000 feet the skyline is shrouded in a gray fog. It hangs like a thick blanket, blocking out the rays of the sun. On final approach, the pilot informs us that visibility is less than 480 meters. Below, cars drive with headlights on, even though it’s high noon.
A light drizzle of fly ash and sulfur dioxide coats the streets with a sooty grime… The sides of buildings weep with black mascara lines from acid rain.
By noon, Beijing smog rolls in with the heat of the day. As you deplane, you can taste the air – a constant reminder of the price to be paid for the fastest growing economy in history.

The very industries that have made China rich are now “burning” precious crops with acid rain and contaminating the water with toxic chemicals. By noon outdoor workers wear masks. A recent unreleased report by the World Bank claimed that over 750,000 Chinese die annually from dirty air and water, up 62% from estimates just a year ago.

Now, everybody should understand about China, pollution and the environment.

Further note:  this same smog comes across the ocean to the United States.



The facts no one wants to read.

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Written by solutions777

November 12, 2014 at 5:19 PM

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