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Blindly Supporting u-bam-a

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What it’s going to take to wake up millions of Americans who still appear to be hung over from an excess of Obama-Aid.

It seems u-bam-a’s approval ratings have been gently moving back and forth between roughly 43 and 48 percent.  Nothing he does, no matter how anti-Constitutional, how criminal, or how arrogant, seems to phase 40 percent or so of the population.

Roughly 30 percent who sincerely want the United States to become a hard-core socialist nation. They have a genuine desire to redistribute wealth and live under an all-powerful central government.  They are a visible enemy, and you clearly understand that you have to push back against them day in and day out.
But the other 10-15 percent – those who don’t want to live under a socialist regime, yet still approve of the job BHO is doing – are puzzling.  Do they ever watch anything but reality television?  Do they ever read nonfiction adult books or watch Fox News? Are their legs irreversibly tingled by the idea, of and by itself, of an African-American in the White House? Are they simply not able to get over it?

u-bam-a is a truly licentious creature, totally devoid of ethics and harboring a complete disregard for the law, the wishes of the electorate, the Constitution, and the natural rights of man.

The facts no one wants to read.

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Written by solutions777

October 19, 2013 at 7:18 PM

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