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u-bam-a Uses Blame Card

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u-bam-a is using the blame card in the battle with the Republicans over u-bam-aCare.

It is the only weapon he has.

He has no facts, analysis or anything resembling proof u-bam-aCare is good for the nation and its citizens.  Because it is NOT.

The federal government is spending too much money.  The United States is borrowing 25 to 40% of every dollar it spends.  This borrowing cannot continue forever; spending must be cut.

The Republicans could force a government shutdown.

During a shutdown, all non-essential departments become inactive.  Essential departments operate as normal.  Citizens still receive all types of benefits.

A shutdown would be GOOD for the nation as it could reduce spending.  The trouble is Congress authorizes money to cover the shutdown period; so the spending is not cut but only deferred.

So, u-bam-a and his cronies want to put the blame on the Republicans while the reality is they are responsible for the huge over spending; a big part of which has been the stimulus packages and u-bam-aCare.

u-bam-aCare is the last possible thing u-bam-a could claim as a legacy.  Without u-bam-aCare, he is only a black jimmy carter.



The facts no one wants to read.

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Written by solutions777

October 3, 2013 at 9:11 PM

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