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Putin Out-Maneuvers u-bam-a

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u-bam-a just had to get the nation involved in Syria.

There is no reason for this except u-bam-a’s personal reasons.

Stupid, corrupt and evil.

Then, u-bam-a lets Putin out-maneuver him.

u-bam-a lets Putin get an agreement that Syria is NEVER going to abide by.

Syria is NOT going to give up its chemical weapons.

In addition, u-bam-a stupidly agrees to not to use military force.

The smart deal would be:

-Syria starts delivering its chemical weapons within one week

-Syria will deliver all of its chemical weapons within 90 days

-Syria must never use chemical weapons

-Syria will allow a minimum of two separate teams of inspectiors: one from the UN and one from the United States

–The United States will not use military force against Syria as long as Syria complies with the above

-If Syria fails in anyway to abide by the above the United States will use military force against Syria AND Assad will be killed.

-Russia will agree to all of the above


Either Syria and/or Russia will not agree to the deal or Syria will violate the agreement.

Either way, the United States will be fully justified to attack Syria and kill Assad for using weapons of mass destruction.

Except for Reagan, presidents have no idea of how to deal will evil/rogue nations such as Syria, Iran and North Korea.



The facts no one wants to read.

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Written by solutions777

September 14, 2013 at 5:12 PM

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