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Presidents Lie; Voters Believe

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A crucial fact of political life in the United States: most American voters believe whatever they are told by the President.  No matter how corrupt a politician is before he is elected President, his election shrouds him in legitimacy.  From this point on, either his lies are believed or shrugged off by the voters, unless the media keep hammering on the issue, which is what the press fails to do.

Voters operate on the assumption that a candidate’s gaining a majority vote, if only in the Electoral College, somehow purifies his character.  To assume otherwise would call into question the good judgment of the sovereign voters.  Therefore, Clinton got away with lie after lie.  So have all the others, Nixon excepted.  Voters do throw out a President, but never for lying, Nixon excepted.  If there had not been White House tapes, and, even more important, a mole inside the White House who illegally leaked the incriminating sections of the tapes to the investigators, Nixon would not have resigned.  The public would not have believed the story.  The mole got him, but the media have always refused to pursue the story.  “Deep Throat” was a media side show.  The mole got him, and successfully remained below ground.

u-bam-a continues this long tradition.

Why do the fools believe?

Because if they did not, it would like not believing in God; no one is going to protect us, we are doomed.

Believing the lies is what doomed YOU.



The facts no one wants to read.

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Written by solutions777

July 21, 2013 at 5:49 PM

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