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Testimony: u-bam-a’s Agenda To Destroy America

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The Truth About the Obama AgendaPart I
Wayne Allen Root

I have been asked by radio talk show hosts across the country to talk about President Obama’s possible – if not probable – nationalization of the banking system. But there’s more to the story than just banks.

This issue ties in with every aspect of the Obama Socialist Agenda – bailouts, handouts, economic stimulus packages, giving too much power to the Federal Reserve … and let’s not forget tax cuts to people who don’t pay taxes.

The Obama agenda isn’t about saving the American economy. Rather, it is about putting Big Brother in control of our lives. It’s about the Nanny State – big government intrusion into every aspect of our lives in order to “protect” us. It’s about destroying capitalism and tearing down the U.S. economy to build a new economic system based on rewarding the “right kind” of Americans – those who support Obama and his agenda.

It’s about bribery. Obama is buying votes for a generation, thereby guaranteeing that liberal big government’s tax-and-spend, big-union, radical-environmental agenda controls every aspect of our lives for decades to come.

It’s about socialism … it’s about “group think” … it’s about the collective good of society instead of the good of the individual. It’s about rewarding the non-productive members of society (Obama’s voters) and punishing the group that creates the jobs, owns the businesses, owns the property, and pays the taxes. Just as he told “Joe the Plumber” during the presidential campaign, Obama wants to punish this group because these Americans tend to vote conservative.

It’s about making the Federal Reserve more powerful so it can print money endlessly to pay for Obama’s reckless spending, even if inflation rises to double-digits and the value of the dollar descends toward zero. It’s about building an economy that rewards Obama’s supporters: government employee unions, teachers’ unions, auto unions, lawyers’ unions (otherwise known as The Bar Association), lobbyists, and environmentalists.

And, of course, the biggest goal of all … it’s about controlling the banks that will decide what people and what projects get funding for the next four or eight years of an Obama administration. This is the biggest, most manipulative VOTE-BUYING SCHEME in political history. Just as the New Deal cemented Democratic control of national politics for a half century, this Obama agenda is The New Deal II – on steroids!

Think long, hard, and deeply about what caused this economic tsunami: Too much government spending … too many handouts … too much wasted spending on failing public schools (orchestrated by greedy teachers’ unions) … too many government employees with bloated salaries, pensions, and health benefits … too much deficit … too much debt … too many blank-check promises by government, paid for by taxpayers.

Too many government rules that forced banks to loan billions to low-income Americans who couldn’t and shouldn’t have qualified for mortgages … all in the name of equality and “fairness.”

Government bureaucrats like Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and Chuck Schumer, with oversight over the likes of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Wall Street, Bernie Madoff, and the banking system, were the biggest beneficiaries of contributions from those very entities.

And now think of what Obama’s solution really consists of: MORE of all of the above. He proposes far more spending to get us out of bankruptcy. He proposes giving state and local governments billions of dollars to reward them for spending far too much – virtually guaranteeing they’ll do it again.

He wants to make government far more important. He wants to give more power to Barney Frank and his friends – friends like Congressman Charles Rangel, who oversees tax policy but conveniently “forgot” to pay his own taxes. Or new Treasury Secretary Tim Geitner, who creates tax policy but conveniently “forgot” to pay his own Social Security taxes.

He wants to create more regulations, even though government regulations were a major contributor to the current crisis (and certainly didn’t prevent it). How could more of the things that caused this mess possibly be the solution?

Think about the beneficiaries of every aspect of this plan. The economic stimulus package is about buying the votes of the 40 percent of Americans who will get a tax-cut check even though they didn’t pay any taxes in the first place. Obama is betting that they will gladly vote Democratic for many years to come. Wouldn’t you be grateful and loyal if someone gave you a check for doing nothing?

It’s about giving away $200 billion to state and local governments to lock up the votes of government employee union members for a generation. It’s a way of making certain that government employees not only keep their jobs but get pay raises, while the rest of us in the private sector struggle to survive in a depression.

It’s about handing out tens of billions of dollars to a failing education system owned by teachers’ unions that couldn’t care less about the kids … and prove it every day with lower test scores and higher dropout rates. Why reward failure? To buy the votes of millions of teachers’ union members for a generation, that’s why!

It’s about giving away billions of dollars to failing auto companies in order to reward the auto unions that supported Obama and buy the votes of auto workers – workers who earn $100,000 (or more) in annual salaries, pensions, and benefits for drilling rivets into the fenders of cars that are so over-priced that no one wants to buy them anymore. But you can bet that Obama will make certain that union contracts are protected – at all costs.

It’s about handing out jobs to construction workers – also union members – in order to guarantee that those millions of workers vote Democratic for a generation. And if they’re not union members, Obama will pass the legislation that bans secret ballots, thus ensuring that every possible worker becomes a union member – by violence or intimidation, if necessary.

Finally, the Obama agenda is about a government takeover of banks so that Big Brother is in control of who gets loans. You can bet that the Obama bureaucrats put in charge of banks will use politics as their guide in making every decision – directing the banks’ money to union members, union-funded projects, environmentally correct projects, politically correct projects, and any projects where Obama’s friends stand to profit.

In Part II of this article, I’ll discuss just how cunningly Obama is going about implementing his insidious agenda.

(Wayne Allyn Root was the 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate.  He also happens to have been Barack Obama’s college classmate (Columbia University Class of ’83).


Over and over again, it has been shown u-bam-a is out to destroy America.  This is his agenda.  He seems to hate America.


Maybe because he is NOT an American.

Maybe because he is EVIL.

Who knows?

It really does not matter why; what does matter is that he be DEFEATED!



The facts no one wants to read.

Comments and referrals to this blog would be greatly appreciated.




Written by solutions777

July 6, 2013 at 7:17 PM

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