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u-bam-a To Destroy The Fourth Estate

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u-bam-a has declared war on the press.

The justice department has issued subpoena after subpoena against the press.  This is being done in the name of “national security”.  This is a smoke screen.  u-bam-a and his cronies are trying to cover up their illegal/evil/corrupt actions.

There is NO “national security” issue; the issue is the illegal actions of u-bam-a’s administration.

u-bam-a is trying to destroy the First Amendment; the First Amendment is a cornerstone to Freedom and Liberty.

It is the duty of The Fourth Estate to keep government honest and honorable.  The press is not doing its job and thus appears weak.  u-bam-a is taking this opportunity to destroy a free and separate press, and the First Amendment.

The press needs to fight back using the First Amendment and get back to it DUTY.

It is the duty of True Americans to fight evil.  u-bam-a is evil.  True Americans should call for his resignation; if no resignation, then impeachment.

The facts no one wants to read.

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