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u-bam-a And Mexican Propaganda

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Recent Reuters headline  —  “Obama tells Mexicans a ‘new Mexico’ is emerging”

u-bam-a is saying that there will be a changed Mexico that is equal to the United States.

u-bam-a proves just how stupid he is once again.

Mexico is a land without law and order; it is overrun by the drug cartels.  All departments of the government are corrupt.  Remember, “mordida”.

The country is poor, with little future except for declining oil revenues and cheap labor that is not as cheap as in other parts of the world.

u-bam-a says he see a future with Mexico as an equal partner to the United States; not going to happen.  The land of “manana” is going to fall further behind the United States.  The only hope Mexico has is if all the illegals in the United States get the vote(u-bam-a’s hope) and vote to unite the two nations; then the two nations will be equal as cesspools.

Instead of solving problems in the United States, the worthless u-bam-a is wasting time and money galavanting around in a poor attempt to distract the voters from the disasters at home.

But still there is a benefit for the American people; if he is not in the United States, he can only do limited damage to the nation.


The facts no one wants to read.

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Written by solutions777

May 3, 2013 at 8:35 PM

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