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The Reality of the u-bam-a’s

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From an article by Gary North


The key to understanding Obama is not Marxism. The key
is that he and his wife both lost their licenses to
practice law in Illinois.

The Obamas were both social climbers from early in
their lives. They are good, old-fashioned liberals, and
they learned a crucial social skill as teenagers: how to
work white academic liberals’ racial guilt. They are both
bright, so they were perfect for academia. Their presence
on campus allowed liberal academia to fill its mandated,
self-imposed quota system. They are both a lot like Al
Sharpton, but their original market was academia, not the

They got to the top socially by getting certified by
way of Columbia University, Princeton University, and law
school. They had it made. And then . . . whammo! No more
law degrees. No more certification. They had learned to
manipulate academia, but they failed to manipulate the
Illinois Bar Association. First, it was Michelle in 1994.
Then Obama in 2008. The mainstream media have of course
covered this up, but Google uncovers it.

From the day that he surrendered his license in
January, 2008, his handlers had him on a tight leash. They
still do. He has a deep-set need: to keep concealed the
reason for his retroactive de-certification.

There is widespread speculation on the Web, which I
regard as plausible, that this is why he refuses to release
his undergraduate transcripts. His grades were fine. His
problem is this: the name on these records cannot be
successfully altered retroactively. It was not the name he
told the Illinois Bar Association was his. He was asked if
he had ever used a different name. He said yes. Academia
did not care. The Bar Association does.


Broadcast this far and wide.  It proves once and for all that the u-bam-a’s are EVIL.  Get rid of this scummy, slimey duo.


The facts no one wants to read.

Comments and referrals to this blog would be greatly appreciated.


Written by solutions777

September 15, 2012 at 7:17 PM

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