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Oh How u-bam-a Lies

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He runs over and over again the propaganda where he says u-bam-a care was not about politics.  The truth is;  it only about politics.

u-bam-a care is only good for a special interest group, those that want FREE health care.

For everyone else, it means higher taxes, higher health care costs and lower quality health care.

There will be more government which means more government spending, spending money the government do not have.

So, yes u-bam-a and his corrupt socialist cronies are ecstatic.  They have put another one over on the American people, pushing the United States closer to being the same as some African hell-hole.

Good-bye America.


The facts no one wants to read.

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June 29, 2012 at 8:31 PM

Dictator u-bam-a

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The great u-bam-a is making new laws every time he opens his mouth.

He has instructed his administration to ignore Congress and the laws it has enacted.  The legislative branch is the one that makes laws NOT the executive branch.

If the Supreme Court overturns u-bam-a care as it should since it is unconstitutional, will dictator u-bam-a instruct the executive branch to ignore the ruling.

It is past time for u-bam-a to be impeached and tried for treason.


u-bam-a was not born in the United States and thus is NOT eligible to be president.  That alone, is enough to convict him of treason.  His actions against the best interests of the nation and all Americans are serious enough to justify a firing squad.

Now, the big question:  When will all real Americans stand up and scream for his execution?


The facts no one wants to read.

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June 24, 2012 at 1:34 AM


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When Americans look back on the presidents of the nation in the future, u-bam-a will have a place as the most corrupt president.

His latest corrupt idea is to appeal to every special interest group in hope of getting elected.  He will promise them anything and everything.  He is trying to buy the votes of the members of the special interest groups.  He is the kind of scum that would put his wants over the welfare of the nation.

What is really sad, is that the special interest groups are just as bad.  The SIG’s are going to vote for him.  More corrupt scum.

Who cares about America?  No one, as long as they get what they want.

None of these people deserve to be called “Americans”.


The facts no one wants to read.

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Written by solutions777

June 18, 2012 at 2:03 AM

CORRUPTION: u-bam-a Tries to Buy mex Vote

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u-bam-a eased certain rules for illegal immigrants in hopes of bribing mexs to vote for him in the next election.

No matter how u-bam-a tries to white wash it, his move is nothing more than bribery.  He may call it all kinds of things, but it is still bribery.  Bribery of the lowest kind, and cheap bribery at that.

By now, this is what everyone should expect from evil u-bam-a.

Some readers might object to the term “mex”.  But no matter your race or nationality, if an individual puts his self-interest above the welfare of the nation, then they are evil scum and any label fits.

The facts no one wants to read.

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June 17, 2012 at 1:17 AM

u-bam-a for Essence July 2012

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u-bam-a is on the cover of Essence magazine for the July 2012 issue.  There is an interview with him in the magazine.

With the disaster we call America, why is u-bam-a giving an interview and posing for magazine covers?  Why is he not working to solve at least one problem?  Oh, no.  He is the great u-bam-a.  He does not have to do anything constructive; all he has to do is look suave and debonair on magazine covers.

A president’s job is to manage the nation.  It is not to issue propaganda, attend social functions or pimp and strut.

Wake up America and get a real president.




The facts no one wants to read.

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June 5, 2012 at 5:40 PM

25 Horrible Statistics About The U.S. Economy That Barack Obama Does Not Want You To Know

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25 Horrible Statistics About The U.S. Economy That Barack Obama
Does Not Want You To Know

The human capacity for self-delusion truly is remarkable. Most
people out there end up believing exactly what they want to believe
even when the truth is staring them right in the face. Take the
U.S. economy for example. Barack Obama wants to believe that his
policies have worked and that the U.S. economy is improving. So
that is what he is telling the American people. The mainstream
media wants to believe that Barack Obama is a good president and
that his policies make sense and so they are reporting that we
are experiencing an economic recovery. A very large segment of the
U.S. population still fully supports Barack Obama and they want to
believe that the economy is getting better so they are buying the
propaganda that the mainstream media is feeding them. But is the
U.S. economy really improving? The truth is that it is not.

The rate of employment among working age Americans is exactly where
it was two years ago and household incomes have actually gone down
while Obama has been president. Home ownership levels and home
prices continue to decline. Meanwhile, food and gasoline continue
to become even more expensive. The percentage of Americans that are
dependent on the government is at an all-time record high and the
U.S. national debt has risen by more than 5 trillion dollars under
Obama. We simply have not seen the type of economic recovery that
we have seen after every other economic recession since World War II.

The horrible statistics about the U.S. economy that you are about
to read are not talked about much by the mainstream media. They
would rather be “positive” and “upbeat” about the direction that
things are headed.

But lying to the American people is not going to help them. If you
are speeding in a car toward a 500 foot cliff, you don’t need someone
to cheer you on. Instead, you need someone to slam on the brakes.

The cold, hard reality of the matter is that the U.S. economy is
in far worse shape than it was four or five years ago.

We have never come close to recovering from the last recession and
another one will be here soon.

The following are 25 horrible statistics about the U.S. economy
that Barack Obama does not want you to know….

#1 The percentage of Americans that own homes is dropping
rapidly. According to Gallup, the current level of homeownership
in the United States is the lowest that Gallup has ever measured. –

#2 Home prices in the U.S. continue to fall
like a rock as well. They have declined for six
months in a row and are now down a total of 35 percent
from the peak of the housing bubble. The last time that home
prices in the United States were this low was back in 2002. –

#3 Last year, an astounding 53 percent of all U.S. college graduates
under the age of 25 were either unemployed or underemployed.

#4 Back in 2007, about 10 percent of all unemployed
Americans had been out of work for 52 weeks or
longer. Today, that number is above 30 percent. –

#5 When Barack Obama first became president, the number of “long-term
unemployed workers” in the United States was 2.6 million. Today,
it is 5.3 million. –

#6 The average duration of unemployment in the United States
is about three times as long as it was back in the year 2000. –

#7 Despite what the mainstream media would have us to believe,
the truth is that the percentage of working age Americans that
are employed is not increasing. Back in March 2010, 58.5 percent
of all working age Americans were employed. In March 2011, 58.5
percent of all working
age Americans were employed. In March 2012, 58.5 percent of all
working age Americans were employed. So how can Barack Obama and the
mainstream media claim that the employment situation in the United
States is getting better? The employment rate is still essentially
exactly where it was when the last recession supposedly ended.

#8 Back in 1950, more than 80 percent
<> of
all men in the United States had jobs. Today, less than
65 percent of all men in the United States have jobs. –

#9 In 1962, 28 percent of all jobs in America
were manufacturing jobs. In 2011, only 9 percent
of all jobs in America were manufacturing jobs. –

#10 In some areas of Detroit, Michigan you
can buy a three bedroom home for just $500. –

#11 According to one recent
survey, approximately one-third of all Americans
are not paying their bills on time at this point.

#12 Since Barack Obama entered the White House, the
price of gasoline has risen by more than 100 percent. –

#13 The student loan debt bubble continues to expand at a very
frightening pace. Recently it was announced that total student loan
debt in the United States has passed the one trillion dollar mark. –

#14 Incredibly, one out of every four jobs

in the United States pays $10 an hour or less at this point.

#15 Household incomes all over the United States continue to
fall. After adjusting for inflation, median household income
in America has declined by 7.8 percent since December 2007. –

#16 Over the past several decades, government dependence has
risen to unprecedented heights in the United States. The
following is how I described the explosive growth
of social welfare benefits in one recent article….

Back in 1960, social welfare benefits made up approximately
10 percent of all salaries and wages. In the year 2000, social
welfare benefits made up approximately 21 percent of all salaries
and wages. Today, social welfare benefits make up approximately 35
percent of all salaries and wages.

#17 In November 2008, 30.8 million Americans were on food
stamps. Today, more than 46 million Americans are on food stamps. –

#18 Right now, more than 25 percent of all
American children are on food stamps. –

#19 According to the U.S. Census Bureau, today 49
percent of all Americans live in a home that receives
some form of benefits from the federal government. –

#20 Over the next 75 years, Medicare is facing unfunded
liabilities of more than 38 trillion dollars. That comes to
$328,404for each and every household in the United States. –

#21 During the first quarter of 2012, U.S. public debt rose by 359.1
billion dollars. U.S. GDP only rose by 142.4 billion dollars. –

#22 At this point, the U.S. national debt is rising
by more than 2 million dollars every single minute. –

#23 The U.S. national debt has risen by more than 5 trillion
dollars since the day that Barack Obama first took office. In
a little more than 3 years Obama has added more to the
national debt than the first 41 presidents combined. –

#24 The Federal Reserve bought up approximately 61 percent of all
government debt issued by the U.S. Treasury Department during 2011. –

#25 The Federal Reserve
continues to systematically destroy the value
of the U.S. dollar. Since 1970, the U.S. dollar
has lost more than 83 percent of its value. –

But the horrible economic statistics only tell part of the story.

In communities all over America there is a feeling
that something fundamental has changed. Businesses
that have been around for generations are shutting their
doors and there is a lot of fear in the air. The following
is a brief excerpt from a recent interview with Richard Yamarone,
the senior economist at Bloomberg Brief….

You have to listen to what the small businesses are telling you and
right now they are telling you, ‘Hey, I’m the head of a 3rd or 4th
generation, 75 or 100 year old business, and I’ve got to shut the
doors’ or ‘I’ve got to let people go. And if I’m hiring anybody back,
it’s only on a temporary basis.’

Sometimes they do this through a hiring firm so that they can
sidestep paying unemployment benefit insurance. So that’s what’s
really going on at the grassroots level of the economy. Very, very,
grossly different from what you’re seeing in some of these numbers
coming out in earnings releases.”

All over the country, millions of hard working Americans
are desperately looking for work. They have been told
that “the recession is over”, but they are still finding
it incredibly difficult to find anyone that will hire
them. The following example is from a recent CNN article….

Joann Cotton, a 54-year-old Columbus, Mississippi, resident, was
one of those faces of poverty we met on the tour. Unemployed for
three years, Joann has gone from making “$60,000 a year to less
than $15,000 overnight.” Her husband is disabled and dependent on
medicines the couple can no longer afford. They rely on food stamps,
which, Joann says, “is depressing as hell.”

Receiving government aid, however, has not been as depressing as her
job search. Joann says she has applied for at least 300 jobs. Even
though she can barely afford gas, she drives to the interviews
only to learn that the employers want to hire younger candidates
at low wages.

The experiences have taken a toll: “I’ve aged 10 years in the three
years that I’ve been looking for a job,” Joann told us. “I want to
get a job so I can just relax and exhale … but I can’t. After a
while you just give up.”

Meanwhile, Barack Obama and his family continue to live the high
life at the expense of the U.S. taxpayer.

Even many Democrats are starting to get very upset about
this. The following is from a recent article by Paul Bedard….

Blue collar Democratic voters, stuck taking depressing “staycations”
because they can’t afford gas and hotels, are resentful of the
first family’s 17 lavish vacations around the world and don’t want
their tax dollars paying for the Obamas’ holidays, according to a
new analysis of swing voters.

It simply is not appropriate for the Obamas to be spending millions
upon millions upon millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars on luxury
vacations when so many Americans are deeply suffering.

But Barack Obama does not want you to know about any of this stuff.

He just wants you to buy his empty propaganda one more time so that
he can continue to occupy the White House for another four years.

The above article by The American Dream

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June 3, 2012 at 7:27 PM

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Where Are the Jobs, u-bam-a?

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Jobs report came out.  Lowest number of new jobs in months.  Average for the last 3 months much lower than the average for the previous 3 months.

The nation needs more job growth.

What is u-bam-a doing?

Nothing that is producing jobs.

Forget about another stimulus package.  Stimulus programs do not work;  they only provide workfare(welfare cloaked in phony jobs).  When the program ends, the jobs disappear and the nation is deeper in debt.

Are Americans going to wise up and fire that incompetent, u-bam-a?

What are you going to do?


The facts no one wants to read.

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June 1, 2012 at 6:21 PM

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