Presidency in the United States

Defining and getting a great president.

Selecting a President

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How is a president or presidential candidate selected?

Potential candidates give speeches, participate in debates and use advertising to get votes.  They also try to get the backing of their political party.


The above rely on the personality and looks of the potential candidate.  There is also their political connections(cronyism).

Why should any citizen/voter care about any of these factors?  These are not the type of person to fill the position of the president of the United States.

An ugly, inarticulate, friendless bumpkin would be just as good a president, probably better.

The United States does not need a mediocre person as president, no matter how great his personality.  The United States needs a superior individual as president.  Sorry, politicians;  that leaves all of you out.

So, why do voters/citizens keep following the same path over and over again?  The results are always the same:  a president gets elected and the nation continues to muddle along.

The nation is on the path to third world status.

Everybody should be ready for a change.  It is time to change our political system.

Anybody ready to get involved?


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Written by solutions777

October 21, 2011 at 4:54 PM

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