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Emotional Arguments

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Presidents and presidential candidates always use emotional arguments.

Whenever they interact with the media/press, they use only emotional arguments.  Whether campaigning, commenting on policy or trying to get legislation passed, it is all the same; EMOTIONAL ARGUMENTS.

Forget  facts and logic.  Forget reason.  Forget common sense.

These people are con men preying on the foolish and insecure.  They lie and mislead over and over again.

Why does this go on?

For presidents and presidential candidates, because it works.  Want to buy the Brooklyn Bridge?

For the citizens/voters, because they are marks.  Marks believe what they want to believe.  I can double my money every two weeks?

Aside:  Marks are fools/suckers/losers.

Yes, dear reader, citizens/voters are all of the above.  They spend their lives wishing and hoping the government will take care of everything.  The truth is the government causes just as much harm as it prevents.

You readers will say; this is not me.  The truth is, it is every voter.  Voters are uneducated simpletons.

Voters continue to elect con men.  These men have no skills except the ability to get elected.  Elected for their personal gain, not to serve the country.

Why are citizens/voters not mad as hell?

Some of them are.  Those that want to steal from others.  Steal from the rich and corporations.  Instead of working to improve the economic structure of the nation, they want to rob, loot and pillage.

This is WRONG.

The economic structure/system needs to be changed.  To get it changed, the political system needs to be changed.

So, get mad as hell.  But work for improvement, not to line your pockets.  Change the political system to elected highly capable managers, not politicians.

Ready to change the nation?


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Written by solutions777

October 3, 2011 at 4:09 PM

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