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Campaign Financing

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Each presidential election, hundreds of millions of dollars are contributed to political organizations to be spent on trying to elect the next president.  Every special interest group and fool is contributing money in hopes of personal gain and/or promoting his ideology.

This is wrong and down right evil.

The election should be about electing the best qualified candidate; someone of great ability and standing for fairness for all.

Instead everyone is trying to control everyone else.  They want to be connected to amassed power.  Whether it is the power of holding an elected office, having the ear of someone holding an elected office, or knowing that their man was elected; it is all the same.  Each of them aspires to being in the ruling junta.

All of them are no better than a tin pot dictator of some third world hell hole.

All of them are showing the evil in their heart and soul.

For all the money spent, the only thing gained, is an increase in evil.  So much more could be accomplished.

It is time to put a strict limit on campaign contributions:  end all indirect funding, limit the use of candidates’ personal money, and cap the amount that can be spent by each candidate.  This cap should be very low;  something like $10 million per candidate.

Time to end this silliness and rein in this evil.


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Written by solutions777

September 28, 2011 at 3:25 PM

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