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Obama on Vacation versus Jobs

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The media has made a major issue of Obama going on vacation.  Just another example of the media making up entertainment.  His going on vacation is a non-event.

The real issue is whether or not he is doing a good job.  Currently, the priority issue is job creation.  Obama says, after the vacation he will release his new job creation program.  Will the program create any jobs?

NO.  Why?

Obama knows nothing of job creation, just like the past presidents.  The program will only waste more government tax dollars.  Obama is not doing a good job.

It is not about what he is or is not doing, it is about results.  The results of his presidency have been all bad and none good.

So what are the American people to do?

They have two choices.  Learn to live with high unemployment, rising prices, increasing taxes, and other bad things; or learn how to elect a president that can produce good results.


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Written by solutions777

August 21, 2011 at 7:31 PM

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