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Obama on Television

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The other night Obama was on television.

He was whining like a child about the Debt Ceiling crisis and the Republicans.  He was crying like a spoiled brat that always wants his own way.  He should grow up and try to mature.  After all, he is the leader of the country.  This does not mean he is the supreme dictator.

Both the Democrats and Republicans were elected in the same manner.  The parties have a dispute(over how to solve the debt ceiling crisis).  Both parties are supposed to negotiate and comprise.  Neither party can have it all their own way.

Obama’s going to the people is the sign of a loser.  Why?  Some Americans elected Republicans while other elected Democrats.

This is another sign that politics as usual will not solve the problems that plague the United States.


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Written by solutions777

July 24, 2011 at 2:40 PM

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